Multi-factor authentication on the Blockchain

Waypoint is now in BETA testing. Please contact us to apply for a FREE BETA access.

Waypoint is a decentralized multi-factor authentication system that is deployed on the Ethereum Virtual Machine. It applies the same cryptographic principles used in cryptocurrencies and enables identity authentication to be performed on the Blockchain.

How does it work?

  1. Your user logs into your application.
  2. Your app detects user login and if Waypoint authentication is enabled, routes the request to the Blockchain
  3. Waypoint confirms user identity and creates a smart contract authentication challenge.
  4. Challenge is sent to your user's Waypoint Authentication App installed on their smartphones.
  5. User responds to the challenge and sent confirmation to Waypoint for identity authentication.
  6. Waypoint confirms user identity and sends login authorization key to your app.
  7. Your app then continues with normal login workflow.


  • Easy to use Web API based implementation, does NOT require any SMS/Push Notification framework to run
  • Uses Blockchain cryptography to secure identification for higher security and privacy
  • Fully decentralized architecture is extremely DDOS resistant
  • Can be used by any application to secure any functionality
  • Secure multiple modules within one product by defining multiple functions
  • Able to store user behaviour and perform analytics for real time behavioural based authentication
  • Able to use 2-way or 1-way Blockchain authentication process

A working example is available on our Demo Framework. Please click HERE to sign-up.

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