Core Services


Private or Public Blockchain Applications

We deploy customized Blockchain applications for cryptocurrency projects and smart contract applications.

Digital Tokens


We offer end-to-end solutions, from consultancy services to developing, deploying and hosting your ICO and token infrastructure.

Smart Contract

Cryptocurrency & Exchange Portals

Setup your own exchange portal either through a custom Blockchain framework or integrating to your existing commodity exchange platforms.



We develop ÐApps (Decentralized Applications) on the Blockchain for industry specific applications which require greater security and verifiability.

Blockchain Features


Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts (also called self-executing contracts, Blockchain contracts, or digital contracts) are applications that act as agreements where the terms of the agreement can be preprogrammed with the ability to self-execute and self-enforce itself.

A Smart Contract implementation on the Blockchain includes hashing and storing additional data from physical assets (off-chain assets) into the Blockchain by converting them into digital assets (on-chain assets). Smart Contracts are a key feature that enables the Blockchain technology to be applied into numerous industries other than Finance and Business, the possibilities are near endless.

Digital Tokens

A digital token holds information on a transferrable real-world asset such as a piece of land, a house or even a movie ticket. It also includes information of ownership and claiming rights to the related asset.

Digital tokens utilizing Blockchain technology is commonly used as a way to record ownership and transfer real-world assets. As the Blockchain is a proven technology which provides a transparency and guarantees security in its transactions; it has grown to be the technology implmentation of choice in digitization of asset ownership and transfers in many industries.

We utilize Etherium Tokens to facilitate a digital token project implementation.



Private Blockchains

A private Blockchain implementation involves either branching a new block from an existing Blockchain framework (Ethereum, Hyperledger etc.) or creating a custom Blockchain in your own private server network.

In your private Blockchain, you control how it works and who is able to participate in your transactions. You can brand your own tokens and create a new cryptocurrency, use your token as a reward program to your clients (with rules that you are able to define yourself) or incorporate asset information to convert it to a Smart Contract.

Blockchain Benefits

Secure, transparent and verifiable transactions.



Blockchain transactions uses cryptography to create transactions that are impervious to fraud and establishes a shared truth.



Blockchain transactions are distributed across the network. There are many replicas of the Blockchain database. In fact, the more replicas there are the more authentic it becomes.



Blockchain value is directly linked to the number of organizations or companies that participate in them. There is huge value for even the fiercest of competitors to participate with each other in these share database implementations.


Digital Ledger

The Blockchain is append only so it is an immutable record of every transaction that occurs. These transactions are persistent and cannot be changed. Allowing for high levels of transparency and making each transaction verifiable by anyone who has the correct set of keys.